The Indian peninsular’s coasts embrace the Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean with a coastline of 7000km.

It is then no wonder, this expansive landmass of diverse climates and landscape is home to multitude of beaches. While all pristine beaches are filled with glorious sun-baked sand, shimmering sea waters, with some surfing fun, beaches in India can at times break away from the norm. Every Indian beach can be equally unique and enchanting.

Beach enthusiasts all over the world are certain to be enthralled by the idyllic seaside and amazed at other fascinating sights that are not normally found in other beaches elsewhere.

Anjuna- Baga- Calangute- Colva- Palolem, Goa

The Caribbean of South Asia, Goa is the state for and of beautiful beaches. Starting with Querim at the north, to the Palolem beach in the south, this small coastal state by the Arabian Sea, is signified by the endless stretch of soft white sand and azure waters. One beautiful beach leads to another, though each has its own unique charm and faithful fans of beach enthusiasts. Anjuna has its famous parties during full moon and historic mansions for those keen to tour outside the beach area. Baga is popular for its night spots as well as its expanse of soft snowy sand lined with guesthouses and bars. Baga’s neighbour, Calangute is Goa’s most popular and developed beach with large following of beach buffs. This stretch is also packed with masseurs, hair-braiders hawkers all ready to meet the needs of the relaxing sunbathers. Colva is Goa’s longest stretch of uninterrupted sandy coast with tall shady palms swaying in the background. Palolem is charming for its crescent-shaped beach where tree houses can be rented and dolphin-watching trips can be arranged. Stunning sunsets in this remote beach, away from the popular ones up north, make this bay ideal for camping and quiet vacation.

Kovalam- Varkala, Kerala

Scenic Kerala may possibly the best of rural India. While its famous backwater cruises are inherent part of any travel itinerary to this serene region of India, the renowned beaches at Kovalam and Varkala are true gems of Indian coast. Kovalam famously called ‘Paradise of the South’ has long attracted attention of the maharaja and his foreign visitors. Its long stretch of sun-baked sand and alluring waters are still main attractions of this popular beach, frequented by travellers and locals. Varkala, despite being a beach town, is regarded as a major pilgrimage centre by the locals. The tourists are nonetheless attracted to the popular resorts and spa along this scenic sandy beach. With red laterite cliffs in the background, this expanse of striking seaside will enthral any beach lover.

Kanyakumari- Madurai

The tip of the very southern region of India, in south of Madurai, at the convergence of Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean is the pilgrimage town of Kanyakumari. The point of convergence is called the ‘Sangam’ and is bathing ghat for short dives and splashes. The peaceful backdrop of Kanyakumari beach, within close proximity to numerous temples, is the famed Church of our Lady of Joy. The usual fare of sunbathing and long swims is not the norm here, where the multi-hued sand and colourful granite rocks are main attractions.

Juhu Beach, Mumbai- Kihim Beach- Ganapatipule, Maharashtra

In the north of Mumbai city centre, lays the popular Juhu beach by the Arabian Sea. Unlike the usual seascape of sun, sand and surf, this sandy coast provides leisurely respite from the hectic city, with its warm sea breeze and lullaby of the waves. Cricket matches, laughing and running children, couples and families snacking on local tidbits and boisterous vendors paddling the local snacks make up the landscape of this beach. Travel to Juhu beach is usually inclusive of visiting the nearby attractions such as the ISKON temple and Prithvi theatre for the sights and delicious food within the sites. When one can travel further south of Mumbai, the peaceful Kihim and Ganapatipule beaches await with their quiet splendour. Kihim is a tranquil beach with a lush background of woods, home to wild birds and flora. Ganapatipule’s pristine sandy beach is by the coastal village which is home to a sacred site. Along with temples forming the backdrop for this lovely beach with clear waters and miles of soft white sand, there are fruit groves beyond the coast, waiting with its bounty of mangos, jackfruits, bananas and coconuts.

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