40th Birthday Bucket List Trip to Dubai and Maldives

I’ve had wanderlust as long as I can remember. For a while during my childhood, I was obsessed with Japan. As an adult, my wanderlust has been greatly inhibited by 3 little people and a big husband.

I know what you are thinking.. : “Are you kidding me?! You have traveled more than anyone I know!” You are correct, and I am forever grateful and blessed for those experiences.

However, we have not gone anywhere that was not considered “normal” or “safe” by American standards. I’ve been dreaming of places a little further than what the average housewife considers a family vacation.

My 40th Birthday was my time, by God! I was turning 40 and I was going halfway across the world whether anyone wanted to go with me or not! Luckily, my husband reluctantly agreed to tag along.

He usually likes it once he is there! You can decide for yourself .